Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring Break starts!!!

This week my story was on how to stay healthy during Spring Break. I wanted to capture footage in the sun for my story, but that was a bit difficult since it was SNOWING in TEXAS in MARCH. There are so many things that seem odd with that sentence, I am sure you can figure it out. We didn't have school on Thursday and rumors of no school on Friday were going around. To my surprise, I wake up Friday morning and it's sunny again! The only class I have on Fridays is Web Design. I skipped that and decided to do my Web Design work in my dorm. We are learning Flash and while I was doing the Flash my head I was thinking 'wonder how I could make snowflakes falling as an animation on Flash..." Yeah...I do need a break from school!

I am on RA duty till Monday and then I go to Houston! Really excited to be home again, and hopefully I won't be such a nerd when I come back! After Spring Break, it's going to be an intense task to find a job!!!

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